Robby Blanchard, MBA, BS, CPT 

USA-W Level One Performance Coach
Strength And Conditioning Coach
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Why My Olympic Strength Training Program WORKS
Improve Your Olympic Lifts...The Right Way
Time Efficient: 2 days/wk for 1 hour per day
Get Strong: Our program works towards improving your posterior chain and pulling strength while improving muscle symmetry.
 Learn The Progressions: In my program you'll be learning to pull from the floor as well as the hang positions making you a more well rounded lifter.
Simple Programming: Easy to follow and execute, this program is designed to get you results...nothing more, nothing less.
Proven Training: With over two years of research to develop this program, I'm very confident you will be able to hit 80-90% or higher on every lift.
If you aren't hitting 80% or higher on your Olympic need this program.
The Results Speak For Themselves...Hear What My Athletes Have To Say 
"My name is Frank Daniels and I'm the owner of Max Impact Training located in White Plains, N.Y. We are not a CrossFit facility however we train a lot of young athletes and Olympic lifting is a big part of our program. We needed something that could take our athletes' performance to the next level and Olympic lifts are the best way to do so. A few weeks after implementing the Olympic Strength program some incredible things started to happen. Nearly all of our athletes started to PR and I will add myself to that mix also. I was so pleased in being able to plug in at Cycle #1 and have literally weeks and weeks of programming available for our coaches to take our athletes through. The techniques we learned in the program along with the ease of use to follow along with this program has really taken our Olympic lifting to another level. Our kids are taking this newfound power and skill and are really excelling in sport. Our coaches also have a solid program to follow that sets up our athletes and our facility for great success." 

Frank Daniels 
Max Impact Training - White Plains, N.Y.
"I have been in CrossFit for three years on and off, during that time I suffered some pretty bad injuries and found lifting to be extremely difficult for me. Recently I decided I really wanted to improve my lifts. I purchased the Olympic Strength Program after looking at several different programs for my husband and myself. With us both being Level 1 Trainers, it was important to find a program that we felt supported what we were already doing. It has been eight weeks since we started the program and we are both seeing gains. For myself this is my first time I have really focused on my form and I have felt my confidence grow with each session. My husband has seen 15 and 20lb PR's on his lifts after about a year of being stalled. I can't wait to see the progress we will make in the coming weeks! Thanks Robby!

Rachel Canales

Hey Robby!
I just thought I'd drop you a line and tell you how much I'm enjoying your Olympic Strength program. I'm 4 weeks into it, and really look forward to the days that I use this program. As you know, I bought the program to get more olympic lift practice at home. My snatching has definitely improved and, I've seen a 10lb PR in my power clean and front squat! The videos describing movements are very helpful. Overall, I'm finding it a perfect compliment to my regular CrossFit workouts.
Thanks again!
Susan Cantin


I thought I'd give you a heads up on my progress after I completed the first 12 week cycle. I'm 41, and in the 105+kg category. I got a membership with USAW, but I haven't signed up to compete yet. I'd like to since I should be able to qualify for nationals pretty soon. I need to lift 207kg to qualify for nationals, and my total (based on good clean lifts that would count) is 206kg. I'd love to be able to compete at nationals next year.
Lifts before:
Snatch - 187 lbs
Clean & Jerk - 235 lbs.
Power Clean - 245 lbs.
Back Squat - 440 lbs.
Front Squat - 255 lbs.
Standing Press - 225 lbs.

Thanks again!

Lifts after:
Snatch - 202 lbs.
Clean & Jerk - 252 lbs.
Power Clean - 267 lbs.
Back Squat - 465 lbs.
Front Squat - 325 lbs.
Standing Press - 240 lbs.
Here Is Whats Included In My Olympic Strength Training Program 

Olympic Strength: Cycle One ($99 Value)

This 12 week cycle is designed to build your strength foundation through pulling and deadlift movements while at the same time developing and fine tuning your Olympic lifts in the Snatch and Clean & Jerks. 

Olympic Strength: Cycle Two ($99 Value)

This 12 week cycle is designed to build on the progress made in Cycle One while starting to focus more on percentage based lifts, complexes as well as heavy squatting and pressing to help increase your strength in addition to being more consistent in your lifts. 
Olympic Strength: Cycle Three ($99 Value)

Still focusing on percentages and complexes as in the first two cycles, Cycle Three adds to that with more positional lifts as well as hitting higher percentages on both lifts. Cycle three is one of the most challenging of the four cycles.
Olympic Strength: Cycle Four ($99 Value)

This final 12 week cycle focuses on more positional lifts as well as complexes that are designed to get you stronger, increase your pulling power and set you on the road to new PR's!
In Addition To Getting My Complete 12 Month Training Program, You will Receive My How-To Videos To Help Dial In Your Lifts And Keep You On The Fast Track To PRs!
Video One: Power Clean Training ($20 Value)
In this video we break down the entire power clean movement and progressions. This video also shows you some of the common mistakes athletes make with the power clean and how you can avoid them.
Video Two: Squat Clean Training ($20 Value)
In this video I show you exactly how to execute the squat clean properly. This is the most common clean in Olympic lifting and I'll show you the do's and don't of this lift. Once you learn the proper won't want to clean any other way!
Video Three: Split Jerk Training ($20 Value)
Anytime you are performing a clean and jerk...chances are high that you'll be doing a split jerk. Most split jerks are missed because of footwork. I'll teach you exactly how to split jerk so that you greatly reduce your missed lifts.
Video Four: Power Snatch Training ($20 Value)
Although not used in traditional Olympic lifting, power snatches are an awesome way to develop your explosive power which translates to better lifts. This video covers the power snatch in both the full power snatch as well as different hang variations.
Video Five: Squat Snatch Training ($20 Value)
The snatch is the most technical lift and in order to hit a high percentage of lifts, you need to have the right form. I show you exactly how to break down the movement and improve your weaknesses so that you can be consistently successful in your snatch lifts.
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In Addition To Everything You Will Be Getting Above...
I've Taken It One Step Further And Included Not One...But TWO Bonuses...Just As A Way Of Saying Thanks For Being Awesome !
Bonus #1: Equipment Guide ($20 Value)
There are tons of different options in what type of equipment to buy and use. In this guide I show you...
The top 2 Olympic lifting shoes to buy
When to use wrist wraps and straps...and what brands to buy.
The #1 lifting belt you can get (hint: it's less than $20)
When you should wear a lifting belt...and when you shouldn't. 
Bonus #2: Supplement Guide ($20 Value)
When it comes to lifting and getting PR's, your nutrition has to be on point. In this bonus supplement guide I'll show you...
The best type of protein for recovery and when you should take it.
Three type of supplements that will give you the best results when it comes to developing your strength in your lifts.
Why the word strong should be spelled "BCAA"
How to schedule your supplements so you are getting the most out of your training.
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Have Questions? We Got You Covered...
What's so great about Olympic Strength?
Where do we start? Olympic Strength is a complete 12 month training program that is designed to be used as a compliment to your current training program. It's only 2 days a week for 45 minutes a day...meaning it is time efficient and effective. The best thing about this program is with its how-to videos, you don't have to worry about whether or not you are doing the movements correctly...its as if I am there holding your hand throughout the program. 
Olympic Strength Sounds Awesome! But why only $47?
My passion in life is being able to help people get results. I'm a huge believer that in order to get the things you want in need to help others get the things they want first. This training system is the exact system and methods I've used at my Barbell Club that athletes pay between $300-500/year to be a part of (in addition to regular membership).  On top of that, if you want to work with me privately, you could expect to pay at least $100/session. At $47, thats 90% off the value of the program. Why so inexpensive? Simple...I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible all over the world learn and improve in their  Olympic lifts.

Is Olympic Strength for advanced athletes or beginners?
That's the awesome thing about this doesn't matter if you are a beginner in your Olympic Lifting journey or an advanced lifter, this program works for you! Our program breaks down the movements and works off of percentages which means that no matter what your skill level, you can benefit from this program!
Do I have to do all 12 months to see results?
Absolutely not! My program is broken up into 4 cycles which run for 12-15 weeks per cycles. You can choose to do all 4 cycles or just one at a time. As with anything in life..if you are consistent and do choose to do the 12 months, you'll see amazing results. But if you would like to do just one'll still see great results as 12 weeks is plenty of time to increase your lifts. 
I workout at home...can I still do Olympic Strength?
Yes! All you really need is a Olympic Barbell, some plates and maybe a rack...and that's it! This is a 100% Olympic training program so as long as you have yourself a barbell and some can certainly use this program at home. In fact, many of our athletes use this training program solely at home. 
What happens if I don't see results or don't like the program?
Thats a great question...and to be honest, if you follow the program as prescribed and put 100% effort into your session, it would be extremely difficult to not see results in your Olympic lifts. You would almost have to purposely try to not get results..thats how effective this program is. But of course this program may not be for everyone and if you do decide you don't like the program, you are covered by our 60 day guarantee. That's how confident we are!
What happens if I have questions...will someone be there to help me?
You bet! I'm 100% committed to your success...because your success is my success! If you do happen to have a questions during the program, you'll be able to send me an email and I'll be happy to respond and help you out with whatever it is  you need! 
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